Kuala Lumpur Airport

October 26, 2014
I've actually had this stupid lame attitude where Im so shy to ask around even if Im lost. I think because it was my ego or something else but that kind of attitude really was kind of stupid. LCCT airport in Kuala Lumpur was officially closed after the new KLIA was open. I've knew LCCT like my house, because it was kind of small & easy to explore. But the first time I landed on the new KLIA that replace the LCCT, I was like lost. At the end we did ask somebody but the question's was more on "How do we get out from here". There were too many "keluar" sign which means out but seriously they should put a more proper sign for someone noob like me. hahaa

The way back to KLIA was also a problem since we came down to the wrong airport. 

Came off from the train & sit there waiting for the train to come back after we get to know that we were at the wrong airport. It was a great experience & a tired one because it was during the night when we travel back to the airport. & I could say we were so lucky because it was the last train to work before it was closed.

But overall, I think I manage to get a little less stupid because after all, I did ask people after when Im lost there. ehehe

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