Why Make Up Hate Me - Vice Versa

November 03, 2014
Make up....I hate you girls who can make up time to make yourself looks pretty with all the right make up. Why? Because I am a girl or a woman? Heh. & I don't even know how to use any of the BB Cream, the eyeliner, the shadow and bla...bla..blaa...... The only thing I really did use sometimes & actually knows how to use it so much is eye brow liner & lip tint. Thats it. Full stop from me about make up. I am 23 years old with no experience & knows nothing about make up. Thats not even the bad news yet because the very bad news is tomorrow is my interview. Demmit....

Its okay to have a bad skin, if you know how to cover it using the right tools or I mean the right stuff? You can make people like you already, so does that mean with me makeup less no one going to like me? Arrggh..This thing made me so stressed up. Im used to having bare face going everywhere anywhere & anytime & doing make up its like asking me to learn how to speak German Language in a day... I don't know why German...Ahaha

Im not a fan of make up because it took a lot of time to deal with it. For me my time is so precious that I don't really have the time to be pretty. Or maybe...I just don't know how to be pretty with make up, so I've just decided to ignore it?

This is what I have for my make up. Plain. So...so...plain. 

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