October 25, 2014
Honestly I'm not an APPLE fan. Give me an I-Pad it became a game centre for me. When I say game, I really meant I don't know anything to do with I-pad except for games and maybe to surf the net. But then, after having problem with ASUS especially with their after service, I was so focused on searching for the right laptop that now had made me end up with APPLE laptop.

Before this, I was to anti Apple because I didn't really know a thing about it. All I ever knew was I've heard that it was so picky that it will not accept any bluetooth file from a non Apple product. Which actually happens to me now & I am thinking about buying myself an iPhone 5s..

But thats not the really big thing about my Apple laptop. Apple has 3 different kinds of laptop actually, there was this mac book air which is super thin and light & pretty awesome! And there's this Mac Book pro which I just bought & used now :). And there's this Mac Book Pro Retina.

These three has their very big differences that actually can be an advantage or disadvantage for you guys. Depends on how, why & where you guys wanted to used it actually.  I had choose Mac Book Pro because it is the only one that has a CD port, it was a lot cheaper but actually Mac Book Air was the cheapest, but the processor and everything just wasn't my kind & what I've wanted.

The design was to simple as if it was almost perfect. That what I think hehe. You see...Everything you need is there, the one that you don't need was also not there. This Mac Book pro took me 2 days to love it, the first day was because I haven't really knew about this fella. The other problem about this MacBook laptop is that it only has 2 USB port. I don't know why, but maybe Mark.Z wasn't really using the USB then...

When people say that the keypad for Mac product was the best I thought other brand had the same keypad, I'll bet they're all the same. Well I was totally wrong because Mac really got the best keypad ever. Typing made you feel easy & somehow fun.

So thats my little experience with my MacBookPro, who knew maybe I really going to get the iPhone 5 & somehow I could love it? Because for smartphone, I really like Samsung, I really liked my Samsung S5 & was hoping to get Samsung Note 4, but my laptop seems like wanted to have it sibling to work better..LoL....

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