Should I Stay & See or Explore?

October 26, 2014

I took this from a plane. Nature, especially the sea had really taken my interest since I've got the chance to do my first snorkelling, & taking swimming lesson from a friend before this was really worth it because I could really swim so freely without wearing the life jacket. Not that Im so good at it, nor to show that Im a great swimmer. But I really thought that swimming  at the sea without a life jacket was a good chance for me to improve my water confidence. There's people there too whose really a professional swimmers, so I didn't worried so much about being drown.

I did swim on the sea before, but we all were in an activity which was also for water confidence. But were force to wear the life jacket, & of course wearing them did really made you feel safe & I don't think the water confidence thing really work for me with life jacket. So the chance to swim freely recently had really brought me into a new life experience  about the life under the sea. It was such a beauty as if it was a miracle that suddenly came into my life all this time without me realise it.

One other thing is that....The sea is where you actually can forget all your problems on the land. Because bringing your problem, even think about it could make you sink into the water. Seriously leave you problems on the land, stays on the land. The sea is your gateway to problem less. 

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Kerana yang baik tu aku confirm dari Allah. & yang buruk-buruk dari korang atau dari aku lah ahahah XD. Terima Kasih

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