If I Give Up Now?

October 30, 2014
Everyone has their time level where they would fall and be right up again fighting for what they wanted right? The first time I've had a blog was in 2009 inspired so much by a Malaysia blogger named Ben Ashaari whose now I think was more success than before with two beautiful young child. Then I was so inspired by this lady blogger whose blog named Sepet88 where she had this kinda funny entry every time she did one.

So here I am with a new blog & with only one follower so far which I am so thankful for being so supportive with all the comments. Thank you so much by the way.

My old blog wasn't as famous as other but hey, so far I was so grateful with my increasing follower till something hit me. My past came back and ask for something that once he had gave to me..which is everything. He put it as a debt that I should had payed him back. That wasn't the big problem, the problem is I could stand him commenting about it in almost every updated entry that I did. It was all like a condemning  comment that made me felt so stressed up that I've ended up deleting my all comment even the one I did in 2009.

Here I am..Again with a new blog & a feeling of wanting to give up..Damned..This feeling is so hard because really? I kind of enjoyed blogging but now with this new one? Feels kind of like weird....

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