A New Start Of Something Better

October 25, 2014

Things are always rough. I took opportunity of making a new blog as a challenge. Why? Well, I can't see this as burden because this is what am I going to do for like forever rite? Things are way much better for me now. Even though I missed my old blog, but perhaps God had something better for me in this new blog.

Making a quick to create a new blog after destroying my few years hard work at the old one was a pain. This one I've hope so much that it was my healer too. Things are always great and good when they are new rite? 

Lets just hope that my start is one of my way to something better. Im looking forward in a very positive way about this new blog. Hope you guys love this too. :)

1 comment:

  1. oh mek zumbie... dulu ada blog lain ke? sama la aku pun. dulu ada blog lain. siap follow kau lagi. same thing happened. sekarang buat blog baru. salam kenal lagi sekali haha


Kerana yang baik tu aku confirm dari Allah. & yang buruk-buruk dari korang atau dari aku lah ahahah XD. Terima Kasih

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